H-11 Digital Forensics is a global leader of digital forensic technology. It is our mission to continuously advance in the sciences of Cyber Security, Information Protection, eDiscovery, and Digital Forensic Investigation. Since 2006 we have endeavored to provide the best digital forensic training, forensic products, and forensic services to our customers. Our certified training programs are focused on delivering the most current and most effective practices in the fields of Cyber Security, Cell Phone/Mobile Devices, and Digital Forensics.

We believe that it is important for all organizations and professionals to be constantly informed of emerging trends and new innovations. The purpose of our certified training program is to enable digital forensic examiners with the ability to find more evidence and conduct more thorough digital investigations utilizing multiple tools. By doing so, we promote the best practices, skills, and current education to our customers and help ensure that their organizations are protected and prepared to respond to any case or incident quickly and efficiently.

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