H-11 Digital Forensics is a global leader of digital forensic technology. It is our mission to continuously advance in the sciences of Cyber Security, Information Protection, and Digital Forensic Investigation. Since 2006 we have strived to provide the best digital forensic services, forensic training, and forensic products to our customers. Our certified training programs are focused on delivering the most current and most effective practices in the fields of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

We believe that is important for all organizations and professionals to constantly be informed of emerging trends and new innovations. The purpose of our certified training program is to enable digital forensic examiners with the ability to find more evidence and conduct more thorough digital investigations utilizing multiple tools. By doing so, it is our goal to promote the best practices and latest education to our customers encouraging that their organizations are protected and prepared to respond to any case or incident quickly and efficiently. Our certified training courses prepare first responders and investigators testify as expert witness.

H-11 is also a product and solution provider of the best cyber security and digital forensic software and digital forensic hardware available. For over a decade our Digital Forensic Investigation and Data Recovery tools have been our primary focus. As the digital threat landscape has evolved, we have broadened our solutions to also include Email Security, Network SIEM/IDS automation tools, Archive & eDisovery platforms, as well Data Loss Prevention and Encryption modules.

Lastly our professional Digital Forensics Services team delivers success in the fields of computer and mobile device examination, data recovery, incident response, intellectual property resolve, e-discovery, expert witness, and document management framework support. With offices in the United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan we are where our clients need us to be. Please contact us today!

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