Advanced mobile device and smartphone forensics involves finding and recovering data stored in the device’s memory component, typically a chip or chips located on the devices motherboard or system board.

Using specialized equipment and employing skilled processes we find the data by using test points, jolts of electricity, and dedicated flasher box readers with software. Once the data is found, we acquire the raw data for analysis and recovery.

Typically, the acquired data is loaded into a digital or mobile forensic software tool for analysis and recovery.

These methods are not going away. With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart TV and similar devices, and phones, drones, and clones – mobile forensic technologist and examiners will continue to use these methods to find and recover data, analyze the data, and then present the findings.

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Chip-Off = Removal of a chip from a device
EDL = Emergency Download Mode
ISP = In-System Programming
JTAG = Joint Test Action Group
TAP = Test Access Point