Harmony Email & Collaboration ensures comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and various collaboration and file-sharing applications. This solution is specifically crafted for cloud email environments, distinguishing itself as the sole platform that actively PREVENTS threats from infiltrating inboxes, going beyond mere reactions or detections.

Experience full-scale security and complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps, safeguarding sensitive business data through Data Loss Protection (DLP) and ensuring the security of all communication channels.

An API-based solution that outperforms competitors by detecting ransomware, malware, malicious code account takeover, and Business Email Compromise (BEC). Harmony helps stop cybercriminals from using email to deceive individuals into sending money or revealing confidential company information, along with protection against supply chain attacks.

Harmony achieves a remarkable 99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the inbox, surpassing cloud native security by blocking 30% more threats.

Utilizing advanced patented AI technology, Harmony Email & Collaboration prevents attacks before they reach the inbox. With a swift 5-minute setup and no deployment requirements, it seamlessly integrates with existing tools and supports all cloud email and collaboration platforms. The solution offers both preventive measures and post-delivery protection, driven by the powerful ThreatCloud AI.

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