Axxera 4N6 was developed with a vision of an ever-expanding digital forensic market. With the need to integrate different forensic tools in single console, Axxera Engineers have developed a custom solution for this problem.

Axxera 4N6 manages all digital forensic tools in one centralized portal designed specifically for the public and private sectors as well as law enforcement agencies and is able to be deployed all over the world and can integrate with virtually every available forensic tool in today’s market (ex. XRY, X-ways, Cellebrite, Belkasoft,  Magnet Forensics, Nuix, Guidance, Black Bag, Access Data, Oxygen etc.).

Axxera 4N6 has built unique API integration with many digital forensic tools so that examiners may seamlessly synchronize and organize their case management between multiple tools. These integrations allow the examiner to view their forensic investigation details from each specific tool meanwhile allowing them to correlate information for other tools simultaneously. Customizable templates makes casework reporting more manageable saving time.

Correlation & Search Engine

Axxera’s Advanced Correlation Engine (CE) module ofers sophisticated correlation and analysis of all Evidence data in a uniquely intuitive fashion. With a practical combination of flexibility and comprehensive data analysis, the Correlation Engine delivers real-time visibility.

The Axxera 4N6 platform focuses on the key points of:

  • Axxera API Connectors and Sensors for Integrations
  • Correlation & Search Engine
  • Centralized Reporting Dashboard
  • Evidence Data Management
  • Tools and License Management
  • Data at Rest Encryption
  • Integrated Case Management System
  • Remote Investigator or Reviewers

Centralize your Forensic Investigation Process

Multi Vendor Integration
Forensic Case Management
Centralization of Forensic Data
Evidence Data Management
Tool Licensing and Asset Management
Software Licensing