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DNA Testing Service MyHeritage Leaks User Data of 92 Million Customers

Account data tied to 92 million users of the genealogy and DNA testing service MyHeritage were found on a third-party “private” server in a breach that exposed usernames and passwords of customers. The breach is the largest since last year’s Equifax leak of 147.9 million pieces of private data ranging from Social [...]

Gaming Granny Isabel Martinotti is Living Her Best Life at 82

    Like many women at her age, Isabel Martinotti, 82, is a doting grandmother. Unlike her peers, she is also an avid video gamer who has garnered internet fame in her native Argentina for handling a console with the dexterity of a teenager. "I'm the 'Gamer Grandma' [...]

Threat Response

Proofpoint Threat Response Automated enrichment, forensics, and orchestration. Accelerate investigation, prioritize threats, and resolve incidents with less time and effort.   Proofpoint Threat Response Proofpoint Threat Response takes manual guesswork out of incident response [...]

Proofpoint SocialnMedia

Simplify social media compliance with pre-built content categories, policies and reports.  Overview Modern compliance and governance requirements include regulation for social media. From FINRA to FCC, it’s imperative to ensure compliance as you scale your social media efforts. Bridging the gap between social media compliance and marketing practice can be a big challenge. Fortunately, [...]

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense Block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, partners, and customers     Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense Are you afraid of your email? Do you wonder if the message [...]

Pwn Pulse

Pwn Pulse Pwn Pulse discovers, inventories, and classifies all IT and IoT devices, building a comprehensive identity for each device. Device discovery and classification is performed on a continual basis, without the need for agents or [...]

Proofpoint Mobile Defense

Proofpoint Mobile Defense Advanced mobile protection for iOS and Android devices, apps and networks Detect and Control Risky Apps Proofpoint Mobile Defense The Proofpoint Mobile Defense tool protects your cell phone and smart devices [...]

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