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Digital Forensics & Cyber Security Blog

Passware Kit Mobile – New Forensics Tool

Why let a locked phone stop you from finding the evidence and solving a case? Passware Kit Mobile is an easy-to-use Android and iPhone forensics tool, which extracts and decrypts data, and supports iPhone data recovery from disabled devices. - Bypasses or recovers pattern, password, or PIN locks - Extracts [...]

Apple is introducing new child Safety and Protection Features

At Apple, our goal is to create technology that empowers people and enriches their lives — while helping them stay safe. We want to help protect children from predators who use communication tools to recruit and exploit them, and limit the spread of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). Apple is [...]

Advanced Digital Mobile Forensic Technologies

Advanced mobile device and smartphone forensics involves finding and recovering data stored in the device’s memory component, typically a chip or chips located on the devices motherboard or system board. Using specialized equipment and employing skilled processes we find the data by using test points, jolts of electricity, and dedicated [...]

Best Backup Strategy and Practices to Protect Your Data

What is your Backup Strategy? When designing your enterprise backup strategy, we recommend following the 3-2-1 rule. This backup policy best practice calls for you to save your data in several different ways, so you always have a copy of your information. Here’s how: - Make 3 copies of your [...]

Is your online data and communication really that safe?

In October 2020 we shared some analysis reporting on "State of Ransomware – Excellent Analysis by Lumu Infographic". Since then we have followed various reports and restatements. It seems people are over-trusting their smartphone and IoT Apps. Somehow there is a belief that all is well with sharing data, images, [...]

X-Ways Forensics, X-Ways Investigator, WinHex 20.3 released

X-Ways Forensics has updated their tools. Some of the changes are: Text Extraction and OCR capabilities OCR can be applied as part of logical searches or indexing to suitable files such as document scans, TIFF, PDF, and JPG files Multiple Languages can be recognized File System Support Compressed data chunks [...]

Do you want to stalk your Customers?

Wrench.AI is a platform that provides personalization through data insights, with a goal of enabling marketing professionals and salespeople to save time and energy. The process is to parse data that is publicly available and try to match preferences, likes, and interests. Hence, marketing teams can focus more accurately on [...]

UPDATED 10-AUG-2021 / Urgent Update: MS-Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability

Point and Print Default Behavior Change - from the MSRC Team 10-AUG-2021: "Our investigation into several vulnerabilities collectively referred to as “PrintNightmare” has determined that the default behavior of Point and Print does not provide customers with the level of security required to protect against potential attacks. Today, we are [...]

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