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Digital Forensics & Cyber Security Blog

Passware Kit Mobile 2024 v2 – Updated and Faster

Passware Kit Mobile Forensic tool that extracts and decrypts user data from mobile devices. New features in this major update of Passware Kit Mobile include: GPU-accelerated passcode recovery for Unisoc-based devices Support for Android devices with the MediaTek 6781 chipset Support for Apple A8/A8x/A9/A9x devices with iOS 15.7.8 Extended support [...]

Magnet Axiom Cyber 8.1: Magnet Exhibit Builder, Gmail modern attachments, and more!

The new release includes several powerful features and enhancements to improve your digital forensics investigations and eDiscovery processes. Here’s what’s new: Inclusion of Magnet Exhibit Builder in Axiom Cyber: Now integrated into Axiom Cyber, Magnet Exhibit Builder streamlines the process of organizing and presenting digital evidence, making it easier to [...]

What’s new in Magnet Witness?

Magnet is excited to introduce the latest features in Magnet Witness, helping you streamline your digital video evidence acquisition and analysis. Video footage is crucial in criminal investigations, with over 80% of cases using video evidence from sources like DVR surveillance, body cams, dash cams, doorbell cameras, home security solutions, [...]

Introducing Magnet One

Propel your investigations forward with a revolutionary platform that empowers you to close cases faster and redefine what's possible in the pursuit of justice. Turn Complexity into Clarity Magnet One is a connected end-to-end platform that simplifies digital investigations. Unlike point solutions that only address parts of the workflow, Magnet [...]

F-Response and USB Detective

Live forensics, data recovery and eDiscovery over an IP network - using your choice of tools. Adding F-Response to your arsenal turns your favorite imaging and analysis tools into enterprise class products with the ability to connect to computers across any network. Any of the Classic versions of  (TACTICAL, Consultant, [...]

Mapping the global geography of cybercrime with the World Cybercrime Index

This is an interesting read and great research on cybercrime and the actors. And why some countries produce more cybercrime than others? The table list the top 15-Countries with cybercrime issues based on research, surveys, and theories. Read full article and research here. By: Miranda Bruce, Jonathan Lusthaus, Ridhi Kashyap, [...]

Magnet Axiom 8.0: new Mobile View, AI tools, memory analysis, and more

There are so many great features and capabilities in this release of Axiom—here are the top six: New Mobile View Early access to Magnet Copilot’s AI capabilities Enhanced memory analysis Unified logs + large case performance improvements New home security camera support New and updated artifact support Learn more here.

Unmasking the AI: Magnet Copilot’s New Frontier in Digital Forensics

In the evolving landscape of digital forensics, the introduction of AI capabilities to Magnet Axiom, Axiom Cyber, and Automate, marks a significant milestone. Magnet Copilot is at the forefront of this advancement, seamlessly integrating AI functionality to bolster digital and mobile forensic investigative efforts. Deepfakes, those eerily convincing yet entirely [...]

Magnet Axiom Cyber 8.0: RSMF exports, MFT parsing, new AI tools, and more

Axiom Cyber 8.0 covers a lot of ground, including new features to support eDiscovery, incident response, mobile investigations, and a new AI early-access solution. Here’s a quick summary of what 8.0 has to offer: Streamline collections for eDiscovery with RSMF exports: From a single message or attachment, export the entire [...]

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