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Digital Forensics & Cyber Security Blog

Logicube ZXi-Forensic Uploads Forensic Images to a Network Repository

The ZXi-Forensic is designed for digital and smartphone forensic labs to transfer forensic image evidence to network storage servers. With imaging speeds of over 50GB/minute, this allows forensic examiners to upload forensic images from evidence drives to a network repository as quickly as possible. Forensic Examiners can can “push” images [...]

Whitehouse hosts the Open Source Software Security Summit

The Whitehouse  hosted an Open Source Software Security Summit on Thursday, January 13, 2022. The Biden administration wants government and private sector organizations to rally their efforts and resources to secure open-source software and its supply chain after the Log4J vulnerabilities exposed critical infrastructure to threat actors' attacks. Participants focused [...]

Beware of free USB drives that install malware warns the FBI

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says that FIN7, an infamous cybercrime group that is behind the Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware operations, has sent malicious USB devices to US companies over the past few months in the hopes of infecting their systems with malware and carrying out future attacks. “Since [...]

Rusolut Visual NAND Reconstructor 6.0 Update and New Features & Improvements

Rusolut has completely developed a new approach to data recovery from NAND devices! It’s not yet another virtual translator, it is a new solution that assembles files and file systems using three technologies: First a completely new intelligent file assembler - file system metadata and file attributes advanced analysis - [...]

H-11 Digital Forensics wishes you the very best in 2022

Many years ago a dear friend climbed and reached the top of Mount Everest. His story is an amazing account. I am still amazed that anyone can reach the summit of this majestic mountain. We hope you continue to find joy, success, and happiness in the life’s simple pleasures in [...]

Passware Kit 2022 v1 Now Available

Passware Kit 2022 v1 fully supports the latest OS releases: Windows 11 and macOS Monterey, including BitLocker and APFS decryption, extraction of SAM passwords, and password recovery for Keychain files. Passware is continually expanding the range of file types and applications that Passware Kit supports. The new version introduces GPU-accelerated [...]

FRED Forensic System (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device)

Digital Intelligence has been involved in digital computer forensics for almost 25-years. The trademark, FRED Forensic System (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device) has set the standard in the digital forensic industry. The FRED Server, Workstations, Laptop, and Portable systems are highly integrated, flexible, built with the processing power and storage [...]

Worthless Security Practices by Oleg Afonin

Many security practices still widely accepted today are things of the past. Many of them made sense at the time of short passwords and unrestricted access to workplaces, while some were learned from TV shows with “Russian hackers” breaking Pentagon. In this article we’ll sort it out. While your password [...]

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