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Digital Forensics & Cyber Security Blog

Certified Digital Forensic Training Opportunities

H-11 Digital Forensic's training provides the best tools, expert procedures and brings real world experience into the classroom. Each class covers digital forensics and specific tool training and is taught by certified, experienced instructors. Join us for one of our advanced courses. Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis with [...]

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on a Highway

  Two hackers have developed a tool that can hijack a Jeep over the internet. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg takes the SUV for a spin on the highway while the hackers attack it from miles away. Full video and article on Wired

Researchers Invent a New Font That Is Scientifically Proven to Help You Retain What You Read

Study of 400 students finds "Sans Forgetica" increases memory. And it's free. Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne have invented a new font named "Sans Forgetica" that has been demonstrated to increase retention. And you can download it, or add it to Google Chrome, for free. Do you sometimes have a hard [...]

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