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Digital Intelligence

Is a proven leader in the field of digital forensics and eDiscovery thier sole mission is to empower our clients by creating and providing the best hardware, software, training and professional services. The synergies between thier product development, professional services and training teams drive them. To build better products. To be more creative. To continually tackle new challenges in an ever changing field of digital evidence.

FIRE – Forensics of Internet Related Evidence

FIRE is a two day class designed to familiarize the student with the many artifacts left behind on Windows based media and mobile devices from the most popular internet browsers and email applications.

This course is designed to advance the skill set of forensic examiners by focusing on internet artifacts and email analysis.
Upon Completion of this course forensic examiners will be able to:

  • Understand the states of the World Wide Web
  • Understand the nature of TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and communication ports
  • Identify and understand the various forensic artifacts left by common internet browsers
  • Identify and understand the various forensic artifacts left by common email applications
Course Syllabus

KNIFE – Known Network Intrusion Forensic Examinations

This 4 day intermediate class is designed to provide the student with the skills and techniques to respond to a cyber intrusion incident. The students will learn the anatomy of an intrusion, collection of memory and volatile artifacts, and techniques to unravel the mystery of how the network was compromised.

All students will receive a certificate of attendance. The Digital Intelligence Intrusion Investigator or DI3 Certification will be awarded when obtaining a passing mark on the final practical exercise (optional) on the final day..

Course Syllabus