Python for Advanced Mobile-Forensics Analysis 2017-09-14T14:07:07+00:00

Python for Advanced Mobile Forensics

The Python for Advanced Mobile-Forensics Analysis Course will take an experienced mobile-forensics practitioner beyond simply pointing and clicking. It will give them the ability to search out and decode data that hasn’t been found and analyzed by automated mobile-forensics tools. We will use Python both in and outside the mobile-forensic tool to quickly take raw data and make it presentable and reportable. We will use a variety of proprietary and open-source tools and techniques, including database analysis tools, raw-data conversion utilities and open-source Python libraries to get us started make sense of the low-level data found on mobile phones.

Course Topics Cover:

  • Raw storage formats used in mobile phones
  • Decoding of raw phone data
  • The Python shell
  • Command-Line Analysis
  • Plugins and Chains in Mobile-Forensics Tools
  • PDU-Formatted SMS in GSM phones
Event Venue Date
Python for Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis Rancho Cordova, CA
  • October 30, 2017 9:00 am