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Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis with Python

The H-11 Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis with Python course will take a mobile-forensics practitioner beyond simply pointing and clicking. This course provides students the ability to search out and decode data that hasn’t been found, was missed, or was not analyzed by automated mobile-forensic tools. Students will use Python both in and outside the mobile-forensic tool to take raw data, decode it, and then make it presentable and reportable.

Students will use a variety of proprietary and open-source tools, including database-analysis tools, raw-data conversion utilities, Python libraries, decode unsupported apps, and other tools to learn skills and techniques for finding low-level evidence data found on smart phones and other smart devices. Students will also build their own custom graphical decoding application to use in forensic settings.

Course Topics Cover:

  • Raw storage formats used in mobile phones
  • Decoding of raw phone data
  • The Python shell
  • Command-Line Analysis
  • Plugins and Chains in Mobile-Forensics Tools
  • PDU-Formatted SMS in GSM phones
Course Syllabus
Course Location Date
Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis with Python Mexico City, MX
  • February 18, 2019 9:00 am