H-11 Mobile Device Chip-Off Professional Lab v5

Medusa Pro II with Socket Kit
UFS BGA-095 Socket Adapter
UFS BGA-153 Socket Adapter
eMMC 4 In 1 Socket Adapter
– includes the BGA 162/186, 153/169, 221 and 529 adapters

Soldering Station

E-Mate Pro eMMC Kit
Works with most Flasher Boxes, and supports the following adapters: BGA100, BGA136, BGA168, BGA153, BGA169, BGA162, BGA186, BGA221, BGA529, and BGA254

Micro Mill, Machine Block, and Milling Bits

IR Rework Station

UP-828P Universal Programmer – Reader

Includes the UP828 Adapters: VBGA-162P, VBGA-169P, VBGA-221P

Riff2 Flasher Box Kit

Assorted Soldering Tips

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and PPE: Goggles, Dust Mask, Anti-Static Mat

X-Acto Knife Kit, Wire Cutters, and Chisel

Soldering Flux, Solder Paste, Tape, and Other Supplies

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