H-11 Chip-Off Tool Kit

H-11 Mobile Device Chip-Off Standard Lab

ISP JTAG Adapters & Jigs

Medusa Pro, Micro UART Cable, Optimus Cable, Medusa Pro JIG Adapter, USB A­B Cable, and solder boards


Emate pro EMMC TOOL all in 1 support BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA529, BGA-221+SD reader

Milling Tools

Micro Mill, Machine Block, and Milling Bits

IR Rework Station

Hot Air Station

iFixit Pro Toolkit

Protective Accessories

Personal Protective Equipment: Goggles, Dust Mask, Anti-Static Mat

Solder & Adhesive

Lead Solder Paste, Petroleum Solder Flux, Fine Braid Solder Wick, and Heavy-duty Tape

Cutting Tools

Wire Cutters, Knife Solder Tip, Standard Solder Tip, and Chisel

X-Acto Knife Kit

Rotary Tool

Rotary Tool Kit with Diamond Rotary Cutting Discs

* Hardware tools and tool kit components are subject to change. Equivalent or comparable tools are sometimes substituted.

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