Crypto, Desktop and Smartphone Triage

Expert tools for evidence extraction, directly from devices


Crypto Triage is the ultimate crypto asset tracing application designed for law enforcement and anti-money laundering investigations. In addition to providing a quick overview of cryptocurrency money flows, Crypto Triage also enables users to create easy-to-read charts for case investigations. Even novice investigators can track the latest transaction and utilize AI label to identify target wallets.

Empower early investigation with Crypto Triage Smart AI Modeling integrated by global database. Our portable case software ensures seamless, private sharing and simplifies complex crypto transaction through quick searches of single wallet address or cases.
Key Features

Auto Identity List: Efficiency at Your Fingertips
Accelerate investigations by providing instant insights and key information. Uncover clues with Auto Identity List.

Timeline Mode: Illuminating Historical Context
Uncover event progressions and anomalies, constructing comprehensive case narratives with the Timeline Mode.

Graph Based Modeling: A New Dimension of Investigation
Visualize intricate blockchain networks and detect hidden patterns with the innovative Graph Based Modeling.

Advanced Label Tools: Elevating Analysis
Enhance analysis and collaboration with precise case categorization and seamless insights exchange using the Advance Label Tools.

Merge Graph Function: Reveal Patterns Across Cases
Crypto Triage’s unique merge graph function allows you to combine data from multiple cases, generating comprehensive insights into patterns.

Case Report Hub: Comprehensive Case Report
Generate detailed case reports, in-depth analysis to provide actionable clues for early detection and further investigation.

Desktop Triage

Most advanced on-site computer field kit for Windows systems.

Desktop Triage captures both non-volatile and volatile data on operating Windows, keeping critical evidence such as login account and opened files. If the suspect has had just deleted the files, Desktop Triage could also attempt to retrieve the important data. The feature of screencapture further enforces the capability of preserving first-hand information. And via OCR, PSR and all features to complete evidence collection report could be generated to ensure evidence competence.
Desktop Triage Features

Support for English and Mandarin operation interface.

Support collection of volatile evidence (stored temporarily on the computer and would be lost if the device shuts down):

Support collection of non-volatile evidence:
Support TimeLine analysis with graphical presentation. Drag on the graph to select specific time frame.

Support exporting evidence reports as CSV files.

Support data analysis of both physical and logical disks.

Collected evidence can be further analyzed by searching keysords, filesize, time, etc.

Able to retrieve recently deleted files and copy export.

Able to start PSR to record operating activities.

Support single, web and other screenshots, enabling users to capture computer screen and to conduct further OCR analysis.

Has the  ability to operate without installation.

Smartphone Triage

Expert tool for Evidence Extraction of WhatsApp, Signal and Other Apps

SmartPhone Triage is ideal for Mobile Device Forensic Examiners, Legal Practices, Human Research Policy Enforcers, and Network Cyber Security Teams

Whether your firm has adopted a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) or “No mobile phones allowed” policy, this tool can assist you to instantly extract and store evidence, in case of any violations.

It’s key functions are:

Evidence Collection UI & Features

You can perform automatic captures of continuous screenshots or choose to do manual screenshots. Alternatively, files can be imported in and get stored as evidence.

OCR and Keyword Search Functions

The image-file text recognition function identifies image files’s text content and stores it in a database where it can easily be searched.

Report Generation Function

You can simply select the entire Case, or any screenshots within, to produce a report in ‘docx’ format. In addition, the report’s Hash value can be permanently stored on blockchain, boosting the credibility of the collected evidence and the report.

Case Management UI & Features

You can easily add new incident Cases. As well as, create various Case details including case names, abstracts and serial numbers. Cross-case keyword search is also supported.

Other Functions

Through the optional PC or iPhone screenshot module and using the analysis platform, screenshots can be imported into an existing Case. Once imported, the OCR mechanism is used for text analysis, and the result is incorporated into the Case database.