Digital Intelligence FRED Units

Digital Intelligence

Is a proven leader in the field of digital forensics and eDiscovery their sole mission is to empower our clients by creating and providing the best hardware, software, training and professional services. The synergies between their product development, professional services and training teams drive them. To build better products. To be more creative. To continually tackle new challenges in an ever changing field of digital evidence. H-11 is proud to offer you their stellar FRED workstations

FRED Workstation

FRED systems set the standard for forensic acquisition and analysis workstations. The quality, features, performance, and overall capability are second to none.

Design and build FRED systems with features and components not available in any other forensic computer systems. Spec and configure FREDs based upon our experience and real-world knowledge of digital forensics. Use the highest quality components available. Control our build process for excellent quality. Use commercially available forensic software to test the living daylights out of any FRED.

FRED systems are designed and built from the ground up as high performance, forensic acquisition, analysis and processing platforms. The advanced technology and features available exclusively from Digital Intelligence set FRED systems apart and Digital Intelligence’s build quality and service ensure your FRED investment will yield lasting value.


Portable yet powerful, the Digital Intelligence FRED-L forensic laptop is the perfect solution for triage or detailed forensic analysis work. At the heart of the latest FRED-L forensic laptop is an Intel Core i7-11800H, 8-core processor with 24 MB of Smart Cache. Each FRED-L system ships with 64 GB PC4-25600 3200 RAM standard. GPU resources have been upgraded to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 with 6 GB GDDR6 VRAM, providing more parallel processing power for forensic software. A full complement of external device connections is available.

Buying a FRED-L laptop gets you more than just a top-of-the line, high-performance forensic computer. Each FRED-L laptop includes our valuable UltraKit stocked with three UltraBlock write blockers (SATA/IDE, USB3.0, and PCIe), an UltraBlock Forensic Media Card Reader, a Digital Intelligence SATA III to m.2 SSD adapter, a PCIe m.2 SSD adapter, and the Digital Intelligence USB 3.0 drive enclosure with a 2 TB hard-drive. All for the price of the FRED-L laptop.


Small, portable, and powerful is a great way to describe Digital Intelligence μFRED systems. Built to handle the processing needs of modern computer and mobile forensics software, μFRED is a viable, lower priced alternative to traditional forensic towers. μFRED systems now ship with a powerful 8-core Intel i7-10700K 3.8 GHz (5.1 GHz turbo) CPU with 16 MB cache. Beginning in 2021, the μFRED CPU can be upgraded to a 10-core, Intel i9-10900K processor clocking at 3.7 GHz (5.3 Turbo boost). Each system ships with at 32 GB of DDR4 RAM (standard), with an upgrade option to 64 GB.

Scaled down in size but not processing power, μFRED’s offer the performance of a higher end system at an entry level system price. Don’t overpay for performance. If you need the quality and performance that come with FRED systems at a budget friendly price