E-discovery & Analytics

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Empower Legal Teams
Self-service control over e-discovery for legal teams means big savings in terms of time, cost and risk. When time is running out, legal teams can’t rely on their IT counterparts for every e-discovery request. With more work shifting to in-house counsel, this creates unnecessary bottlenecks and compromises accuracy, decision making and defensibility. With Proofpoint, legal teams can:

Respond to legal requests without IT involvement
Centrally manage retention, search, review and legal hold activity across email, social and enterprise collaboration data to improve litigation readiness
Guarantee search results in seconds for early case insight
Sift and review data quickly and easily for responsiveness
Execute role-based workflow within the litigation time frame
Export result sets securely to outside or opposing counsel in the appropriate electronic format
Optional e-discovery Analytics features provide advanced search, including concept and facetted search
Streamline Review and Reduce Third Party Costs
The cost to review information is the most expensive part of the e-discovery process. In fact, Gartner calculates this to be approximately $13K/GB for third party review. It’s no surprise that organizations are getting smart about reducing the scope of their data to reduce downstream review costs by using more in-house tools. With Proofpoint, you can amass ESI volume, prevent over-collection and slash document review time by 90%.

Improve defensibility with single, centralized repository
Search millions of messages in seconds
Cull and review data quickly and easily for responsiveness
Improve data sets and minimize export to third party reviewers
Increase accuracy and cut manual legal review time by 90% with optional Predictive Coding
Increase efficiency with optional conversation threading and hierarchical tagging

Expedite Early Case Assessments and Improve Insight
No doubt, greater insight into your data means less risk. Don’t leave e-discovery to chance. Proofpoint provides more analytics, dashboards and visualization features than ever before. This means you can simplify and optimize e-discovery even as your data volumes grow. And you’re always armed with decision making power you need to perform early case assessments quickly and accurately.

Speed e-discovery response time with an integrated archive, avoiding risky hand offs between systems
Use rich data visualization and e-discovery analytic features to provide greater context and insight
Understand key custodians and patterns worth investigating with optional features such as interaction analysis
Define search criteria with greater accuracy using optional topic clustering and timeline graphing
Reduce Cost and Complexity
Proofpoint e-discovery and Analytics capabilities offer more efficient in-house legal holds, workflow and streamlined review to dramatically reduce the scope of e-discovery costs and reduce review time by 90%.