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Proofpoint Email Encryption

Encryption. What is it?

How does it work?

How does it protect your organization and data?

What is an encryption key?

On May 4th, 2017 the United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation issues an official statement citing reported Domestic and international exposed dollar losses of $5.3 Billion due to Business Email Compromise between October 2013 and December 2016 – (BEC, Imposter, Spoofing, Fraudulent Email)

May 04, 2017 | Alert Number I-050417-PSA | FBI Public Service Announcement

Most everyday users can easily get lost talking about encryption keys, decryption keys, symmetric key algorithms versus asymmetric key algorithms, the use of SALT and the cryptography concerns about sending or receiving encrypted documents, emails, messages or phone conversations.

Traditional email or document messaging-encryption solutions are a challenge and are time consuming processes for most every-day users.

This is where Proofpoint Email Encryption makes communication easy.

Using Email Encryption your email messages and attachments can be automatically encrypted based on user input, data policies requiring encryption policy enforcement and the protection of regulated data (PCI, HIPAA, PII) or your intellectual property.

Users don’t manually encrypt their emails, with Email Encryption it just happens in the background.

Email policies to encrypt or not encrypt can be managed and enforced at the gateway. Encryption policies are centrally managed. Encryption policies can be easily created with the Email Encryption graphical interface.

The so-called encryption keys are generated, securely stored, and managed through a Proofpoint cloud-based infrastructure. Administrators can choose from over 80 template based policies. Encryption policies can cover data in transit or in email data stores. Policies can be created to enforce protection for various types of emails, files network shares, SharePoint sites and more.

The Proofpoint Email Encryption module makes the most of protecting your data communication.

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Traditional messaging-encryption solutions can be challenging for users.

With Proofpoint Email Encryption, messages and attachments are automatically encrypted with complete transparency. Users don’t need to manually encrypt their email to send and receive messages securely—it just happens in the background. Email Encryption simplifies secure communications and leaves you in control.