EnCase DF310-EnCE® Prep Course

**The EnCE Application must be filled out and approved before registration to this course will be confirmed**

This is a hands-on course designed for EnCase® users who are preparing for the EnCE certification process. The EnCE certification is one the most highly sought-after accreditations and requires significant knowledge of computer forensics. One must understand EnCase® Forensic methodology and EnCase Forensic software inorder to successfully achieve acrreditation. There is a two-phase testing process which is based on a written examination and the completion of a thorough practical scenario examination, that will include the preparation of an investigative report.The certification will be based on practical computer forensic skills and knowledge that is presented in the Guidance Software Digital Forensics and Building an Investigation courses (formerly known as EnCase® Computer Forensics I and II).The EnCE Prep course is not a replacement for these two classes, it is a thorough quick review of the subjects covered in those courses. Everything covered in this course is applicable to the EnCE certification process. Students cannot waive or substitute the prerequisite attendance of the Building an Investigation course when applying to attend the EnCE Preparation course.