Most people just are not that interested in the “Privacy Policies” of the Online Tools they use.

Many will be surprised to learn that these are just some of the ways their personal data is found and shared and their online experience manipulated with what content you will see. Some of the data collected might be:

  • contact information (including your name, email address, postal address, and phone number)
  • payment card information (including your name, card number, expiration date, and security code)
  • user coupon or gift card number
  • date of birth
  • demographic data (e.g., gender and age range);
  • information stored in or associated with your Samsung Account (including your Samsung Account profile, ID, username, and password)
  • username and password for participating third-party devices, apps, features, or services
  • information you store on your device, such as photos, contacts, text logs, and calendar information, when you back-up your device or use a feature that requires collection (such as when you share it with other users)
  • recordings of your voice when you use voice commands to control a Service, or when you contact our Customer Service team;
    transcripts of chat sessions, text messages, emails, and other communications when you communicate with us using these methods
  • information about products and services you purchase, obtain, or consider
  • location data (including (1) the precise geolocation of your device if you consent to the collection of this data and (2) information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and cell towers that may be transmitted to us when you use certain Services).

Or maybe this data:

  • We may obtain certain information about you from publicly or commercially-available sources and from third parties who perform services for us. We also may obtain other information about you, your devices, and your use of the Services, in ways we describe at the time we collect the information or otherwise with your consent.
  • We may obtain information by automated means such as through browser cookies, pixels, web server logs, web beacons, and other technologies. Among other purposes, these technologies help us (1) remember your information so you will not have to re-enter it, (2) track and understand how you use and interact with the Services, (3) tailor the Services around your preferences, (4) manage and measure the usability of the Services, (5) understand the effectiveness of our communications, and (6) otherwise enhance the Services.
  • We collect information on your device, including MAC address, IP address, log information, device model, hardware model, IMEI number, serial number, subscription information, device settings, connections to other devices, mobile network operator, web browser characteristics, app usage information, sales code, access code, current software version, MNC, subscription information, and randomized, non-persistent and resettable device identifiers, such as Personalized Service ID (or PSID), and advertising IDs, including Google Ad ID;
  • Or your use of the Services, including clickstream data, your interactions with the Services (such as the web pages you visit, search terms, and the apps, services and features you use, download, or purchase), the pages that lead or refer you to the Services, how you use the Services, and dates and times of use of the Services; and
  • Or your use of third-party websites, apps and features that are connected to certain Services.
  • And your browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies or how to restrict or disable certain types of cookies.

For a good read, review any of the following policy statements from the various companies listed below. Please NOTE these are for the United States of America – your country will have different and differing policies.




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