Information Archiving

Simplify e-discovery and compliance. Avoid the headaches of managing archiving in-house.

Retain, discover, access and supervise businss-critical information. Get total control over costs and risks.


With today’s growth of data legal and compliance issues are evolving. That’s why your organization needs a new approach to the way you archive data. Enterprise Archive is a proven, next-generation archiving solution that utilizes cloud intelligence for a dep insight into your data to reduce cost, complexity, and risks.

E-Discovery Simplified

Attain your e-discovery obligations in a timely and cost-effective manner. This fully automated solution assists you in collecting, preserving, discovering, and managing the disposition of your data. Enterprise Archive works across the industry’s extensive collection of eletronically stored information (ESI) sources. That includes email, enterprise collaboration data, and social-media data. Our advanced e-discovery features allow you to expedite early case assessments, empower your legal team, and achieve proactive litigation prepartions.

With Information Archiving, you get:

Guaranteed search results in seconds
Self-service control for legal teams to minimize IT burden
Centrally manage search, review and legal-hold activity across all content
Exports that include only responsive matter to help you control third-party costs
In-house litigation readiness far beyond what Microsoft O365 can provide
Efficient first-pass cull, review, and optional predictive coding
Optional e-discovery visualization and analytics to enable a smarter case strategy

Streamline compliance and Supervision

Compliance becomes simple for even the most highly complex and regulated organizations. Information Archiving allows you to easily create and enforce retention policies. You are also able to maintain the flexibility to adapt as your organization grows and regulation requirements evolve. Supervision, comprehensive reporting, and compliance workflowe help you to mitigate risks under inspection.

Information Archiving offers:

Policy-driven retention into a central repository across all content
Automated enforcement of retention policy
Compliant capture, storage, and access
Data residency control with data centers located around the world
Uncompromised protection and encryption with optional DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture
An Intelligent Supervision option that simplifies workflow, review, and reporting

Reduce Cost and Complexity

With an architecture designed to leverage the cloud, we help IT teams quickly and securly deliver value back to the organization. No more headaches from managing your archive in-house. Easily manage data grouth and meet today’s demands for email availability, retention, and retrieval.

With Information Archiving you will receive:

Simplified maintenance; total cost of ownership is 40-60% less than legacy solutions
No infrastructure to buy or maintain
Ability to eliminate Outlook PST files to improve discovery and reduce risk
Limitless storage and reliably fast performance
Easy, self-service access for end users

Legal and compliance pressures are evolving in the face of today’s data growth. That’s why you need a new approach to your archiving challenges. Enterprise Archive is a proven, next-generation archive solution that leverages cloud intelligence for deep insight into your data to reduce cost, complexity and risk.

On May 4th, 2017 the United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation issues an official statement citing reported Domestic and international exposed dollar losses of $5.3 Billion due to Business Email Compromise between October 2013 and December 2016 – (BEC, Imposter, Spoofing, Fraudulent Email)

May 04, 2017 | Alert Number I-050417-PSA | FBI Public Service Announcement