Celebrate with us as we mark a decade of innovation and excellence.

Attend the Flash Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Summit!

Join us in Poland for an event filled with gratitude, achievement, and cutting-edge advancements in data recovery and digital forensics.

This FDR & DF Summit is the premier event in Europe, uniting specialists in data recovery, computer forensics, mobile forensics, cyber forensics, as well as, vehicle and IoT device forensics.

Here’s what you can expect:

CONFERENCE / 10 SEP 2024 (Tuesday)
1-Day Conference: Featuring a lottery with unique big prizes.
– Expert Speeches: Presentations by Rusolut engineers and specially invited guests.
– Discussion Panels: Engaging panels with invited speakers and Rusolut experts.
– VNR 10th Anniversary Celebration: A historic milestone.
– Live Demos: VNR & eMMC NR real-time demonstrations.
– Consulting Points: Personalized consultations with Rusolut engineers.
– Case Demonstrations: Using Logic Analyzer and Pinout Searching.
– Micro-soldering Stations: Dedicated to monolithic chip preparation with camera support.
– Grand Premiere: Introduction of a new technology.
– Networking Cocktail: Connect with industry peers.

BOOTCAMP / 11-12 SEP 2024 (Wednesday and Thursday)
2-Day Intensive Case Studies: Hands-on sessions with individual support from Rusolut engineers.
– Tailored Groups:
– Day 1: New Users Group / Experienced Users Group
– Day 2: Monolith Pinout Discovery Group / Law Enforcement Group
– Exclusive Workshops: Specialized sessions for law enforcement agencies.
– Gifts: For all BootCamp participants.
– Integrating Grill Party: A fun gathering on Day 2.
– Special Challenges: Solve unique cases for special distinctions.

Participation is FREE! Prior registration is required.

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