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ruSolut USB-SD-NAND Forensic Tools

Rusolut NAND Reader and VNR Software
VNR Standard Kit BG100, BGA132, and BGA152 adapters with sockets
VNR Smartphone Kit BGA137, and various BGA169e adapters with sockets
VNR Chinese Smartphone Kit BGA107, BGA162, BGA186, and BGA221 eMMC adapters
Monolithic NAND Adapter with Socket for microSD 6×4 pads
Hot Air / Soldering Station
14MP HDMI Microscope
22” Monitor for Microscope with HDMI Cable
Cutting Tools
Protective Gear
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
Soldering Tools
* All hardware tools and tool kit components are subject to change. Equivalent or comparable tools are sometimes substituted.

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