SmartPhone Triage

Expert tool for evidence extraction, directly from mobile devices

Expert tool for Evidence Extraction of WhatsApp, Signal and Other Apps

SmartPhone Triage is ideal for Mobile Device Forensic Examiners, Legal Practices, Human Research Policy Enforcers, and Network Cyber Security Teams

Whether your firm has adopted a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) or “No mobile phones allowed” policy, this tool can assist you to instantly extract and store evidence, in case of any violations.

It’s key functions are:

Evidence Collection UI & Features

You can perform automatic captures of continuous screenshots or choose to do manual screenshots. Alternatively, files can be imported in and get stored as evidence.

OCR and Keyword Search Functions

The image-file text recognition function identifies image files’s text content and stores it in a database where  it can easily be searched.

Report Generation Function

You can simply select the entire Case, or any screenshots within, to produce a report in ‘docx’ format. In addition, the report’s Hash value can be permanently stored on blockchain, boosting the credibility of the collected evidence and the report.

Case Management UI & Features

You can easily add new incident Cases. As well as, create various Case details including case names, abstracts and serial numbers. Cross-case keyword search is also supported.

Other Functions

Through the optional PC or iPhone screenshot module and using the analysis platform, screenshots can be imported into an existing Case. Once imported, the OCR mechanism is used for text analysis, and the result is incorporated into the Case database.