Digital Forensic Solutions

H-11 offers top of the line cybersecurity and digital forensic tools to help keep your data and your company’s data secure. Our goal is to help keep all information secure yet attainable for any scenario that requires it. The tools we offer are some of the best and most sophisticated on the market. These advanced tools are not easy to learn but rest assured that we can teach you how to use them. Through our courses, you will learn to use advanced techniques to help utilize tools to their fullest potential. We offer digital forensics and mobile forensics training.

Cybersecurity tools

Proofpoint’s cybersecurity tools provide superb protection and detection. Their tools will secure company emails, social media accounts, apps and will detect incoming threats from all those sources. Benefit from the optimal and efficient cybersecurity solutions of Proofpoint products such as TAP, Threat Response and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Digital Forensic Tools

Our selected digital forensic tools are have led the way for years. They’ve been at the forefront of countless cases world-wide over the years. The selection includes tools from companies such as Guidance Software and Magnet Forensics. The Encase forensic tool is referred as the “Gold Standard” when it comes to criminal justice investigations. Along with Encase are the Tableau products both of which, are provided by Guidance Software. Magnet Forensics’ Axiom tool utilizes its predecessor IEF to make it one of the most efficient and well-rounded tools on the market. Training certifications are offered by H-11 for these game changing tools

Mobile Forensic Tools

Cellebrite has been at the forefront of mobile forensics for years. Our variety of their tools cover all the bases for any mobile forensic investigation. In addition to Cellebrite’s tools are the ISP-JTAG methods as well as Chip-Off. The ISP-JTAG methods are advanced methods for mobile device information recovery and extraction. Chip-Off is a little more in depth and hands on process where certain chips are physically extracted from the devices. H-11 offers advanced courses teaching ISP-JTAG and Chip-Off techniques.

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