The Logicube Falcon-NEO2 is a comprehensive forensic duplicator equipped with advanced features for handling various storage devices through PCIe, USB, and SATA interfaces. Its network and cloud capabilities provide flexible data storage and remote access options, making it a valuable tool for forensic investigators.

Its high-speed data transfer, user-friendly interface, and robust duplication modes make it a standout device in the field of digital forensics.

The network port feature significantly enhances the versatility, efficiency, and security of the Logicube Falcon-NEO2. It enables remote operation, direct NAS access, cloud integration, high-speed data transfer, enhanced security, and seamless integration with other forensic tools.

These capabilities are essential for digital forensic investigations, where managing large amounts of data quickly and securely is paramount.

The network port feature in a forensic duplicator like the Logicube Falcon-NEO2 is crucial for several reasons:

  • Remote Access and Operation
    • Remote Control: Investigators can operate the Falcon-NEO2 remotely, allowing them to initiate, monitor, and control duplication processes from distinct locations. This is especially useful in large organizations or when the duplicator is housed in a secure environment.
    • Remote Collaboration: Multiple team members, possibly from distinct locations, can access the device to collaborate on a case, enhancing efficiency and teamwork.
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Access
    • Direct Storage: The network port allows the Falcon-NEO2 to directly access and store forensic images and data on NAS devices. This is critical for managing large volumes of data, as it eliminates the need for intermediary storage devices.
    • Data Management: Centralized storage on a NAS simplifies data management, backup, and retrieval, making it easier to organize and secure forensic evidence.
  • Cloud Integration
    • Cloud Upload/Download: The network connectivity facilitates integration with cloud storage services, enabling the upload of forensic images and other data directly to the cloud. This provides an additional layer of data security and ensures accessibility from various locations.
    • Disaster Recovery: Cloud storage acts as a backup solution, safeguarding against data loss due to hardware failure or other incidents. It ensures that forensic data remains accessible even if physical storage devices are compromised.
  • High-Speed Data Transfer
    • Efficient Workflow: Network connectivity supports high-speed data transfer between the Falcon-NEO2 and other devices on the same network. This reduces the time required for data duplication, imaging, and transfer, streamlining the forensic process.
    • Scalability: High-speed network ports allow for scalable data handling, accommodating large forensic investigations that involve multiple storage devices and extensive data sets.
  • Enhanced Security
    • Secure Data Transmission: Network ports enable secure data transmission protocols, ensuring that data transferred over the network is protected against unauthorized access and tampering.
    • Controlled Access: Network settings can be configured to restrict access to authorized personnel only, enhancing the security of forensic operations.
  • Integration with Forensic Tools and Systems
    • Compatibility: The network port allows the Falcon-NEO2 to integrate seamlessly with other forensic tools and systems that are part of an organization’s digital forensics infrastructure.
    • Automation: Enables the implementation of automated workflows where the duplicator communicates with other forensic software and hardware, increasing operational efficiency.

And, the Falcon-NEO2 comes with TWO (2) ports so you can collect (read) and write at blazing speeds using a secure tool and technology.


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