Cellebrite UFED Touch2

A Comprehensive, Standalone Mobile Forensics Solution



Built on the industry-proven UFED Touch platform, our next generation portable digital forensics solution empowers law enforcement, military, intelligence and e-discovery personnel to speed the capture of critical forensic intelligence and evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices and operating systems. No matter the mission requirements, UFED Touch2 reliably and intuitively extends full logical, physical and file system extraction capabilities where they are needed most – in the field or lab.

Speed. Usability. Portability. The high performance UFED Touch2 delivers all three, ensuring unprecedented access and defensible forensic evidence -- every time.

UFED Touch2 users benefit from:
• In-depth physical, file system, password and logical extractions of evidentiary data
• Unmatched support for the widest ranges of leading mobile devices and operating systems
• Proprietary technology and boot loaders ensure forensically sound extractions
• Complete field-ready kit offers compact tip connectors with four master cables for extraction and charging during usage
• High-resolution, multi-touch, intuitive touch-screen display
• Frequent software updates ensure ongoing compatibility with all new phones introduced to the market
• Available in both standard or ruggedized editions

Easy to use and deploy, the UFED Touch2 brings comprehensive digital forensics capabilities wherever they’re required. Available loaded with either UFED Ultimate or Logical software, it comes mission-ready with a complete suite of supporting applications, peripherals and accessories*.

Forensic 4:cast Awards:
Since 2009, UFED Touch has been recognized by industry experts as a must have tool, and has won the yearly Forensic 4: cast Awards for Best Forensic Hardware tool.

* The UFED Camera, an evidence collection tool, enables investigators to manually collect evidence by capturing images of the data or screenshots directly from the device. It is an add-on element that compliments UFED Touch2.

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On May 4th, 2017 the United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation issues an official statement citing reported Domestic and international exposed dollar losses of $5.3 Billion due to Business Email Compromise between October 2013 and December 2016 - (BEC, Imposter, Spoofing, Fraudulent Email)

May 04, 2017 | Alert Number I-050417-PSA | FBI Public Service Announcement