In-Depth DVR

In-Depth DVR scans the entire hard drive for every frame that might exist on the hard drive. Then this tool creates a full report for every possible video chunk or frame on the drive. A must have tool for your DVR examinations.
With In Depth DVR you can:

  • Scans at the raw level
  • Will analyze the hard drive at the frame level
  • Scan Report will give examiners information about every frame or video chunk
  • Information about the DVR record history
  • Information about suspicious interactions
  • Detects any anomalies during the recording, date and time change
  • Forensic path (offset) for every frame or video chunk

This can be useful for:

  • Knowing if there is any video stream of interest.
  • Carving out video streams, based on camera number as well as date and time.
  • Demultiplexing video footage based on date and time of interest, so you have separated video  files for each camera.
  • Validatiog video records exported with other tools (DVR software or forensic tools).

The tool analyzes the hard drive at binary level.

This great forensic utility tool really digs deep to find a video file exists or does not on that specific hard drive.
We are pleased to offer you a trial version of the In-Depth DVR Utility tool and User Guide.