Logicube WriteProtect™-BAY

The WriteProtect™-BAY provides digital forensic professionals with fast, secure, read-only write-blocking of suspect hard drives. six interfaces, SAS/SATA/FireWire/PCIe/USB3/IDE are supported in a 5.25″, half-height design that fits into the drive bay of your forensic workstation. WriteProtect is also available in a standalone, portable, desktop version. Click for more information, WriteProtect-DESKTOP.

  • Fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection
  • Supports PCIe SSDs (M.2 SATA/AHCI/NVMe), PCIe and mini-PCIe cards with optional adapters
  • Supports SAS, SATA, FireWire, USB3.0, IDE source drives
  • Browser-based user interface for drive preview, software updates, HPA/DCO management
  • Connect and image multiple source drives simultaneously with your forensic imaging software
Ultra-Fast USB3.0
The WriteProtect-BAY features a USB3.0 host connection for extremely fast operation

Supports 6 Interfaces
The WriteProtect provides read-only, write-blocked support for SAS/SATA/USB3.0/2.0/1.1/FW400/800/PCIe storage technologies and an adapter is included to support 2.5″/3.5″ IDE drives

PCIe support
Support is available for M.2 PCIe (SATA, AHCI and NVMe types), PCIe and min-PCIe express cards, using the WriteProtect’s PCIe port and optional adapters

Multiple Ports
Write-protected source ports include:
1 USB 3.0
1 Firewire
1 PCIe
A Gigabit Ethernet port for network connectivity is built-in.

Improve efficiency and shorten the evidence collection process with the ability to image (using your own forensic imaging software) multiple source drives simultaneously

Browser-based User Interface
Use the browser-based user interface to manage all WriteProtect operations including software updates, connect to your network using the WriteProtect’s Gigabit Ethernet Port

Preview drives connected to WriteProtect using the browser-based user interface

5 LEDs
Easily monitor functions with 5 LEDs for power, host, device, activity and HPA/DCO detection

HPA/DCO detection and capture is easily managed via the WriteProtect’s browser-based user interface

Hard Drive Support
Optional adapters are available to support 1.8″ IDE, IDE ZIF, M.2 PCIe (SATA,AHCI,NVMe types), PCIe and mini-PCIe cards, mSATA, microSATA, eSATA and flash media

The WriteProtect is compatibly with forensic acquisition and analysis software

One-year Standard Warranty
The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty (total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.

In The Box
The WriteProtect-BAY includes the following:
2 SAS/SATA power and data cables
1 Firewire cable
1 USB 3.0 type A Male to Micro-B cable
1 CAT6 network cable
1 2.5″/3.5″ IDE to SATA adapter
1 Dual 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe Y adapter
Users manual on CD-ROM

Power Requirements:
72 watts (including 2 hard disks plus 1 USB3 to SATA hard disk)

Power Supply Voltage (DC IN):
+12VDC +/- 5% from PC required

Output Voltage (DC OUT):
+5VDC@2.5A, +12VDC@2.5A

Net Weight:
2.0 lbs (.90kg)

7.8”L X 5.3”W X 2.3”H (19.9cm X 13.6cm X 6.0cm)

Agency Approvals:
RoHs compliant

2.5/3.5″ IDE to SATA adapter to image 2.5″ or 3.5″ IDE type drives

Combo pack. Includes quantity 1 F-ADP-ZIF-2 and quantity 1 F-ADP-Z-1.8-IDE adapter used together to image 1.8″ IDE ZIF drives

Used for imaging various flash media, including compact flash, SD cards.

PCIe adapter kit for M.2 PCIe M.2 NVMe, mSATA and PCIe and mini-PCIe cards. For use with PCIe enabled WriteProtect-BAY (WP-BAY-P)

M.2 PCIe (SATA-Type) to SATA adapter

M.2 PCIe (AHCI-Type) to USB3 adapter. Includes power supply and USB 3.0 cable

mSATA to SATA adapter to image mSATA drives

microSATA to SATA adapter to image microSATA drives

Cable for eSATA hard drives