Once again we ask, “Who has access to your data?”

Google fired 80 employees for abusing user data and spying on people, with some even sharing personal information outside the company, a new report says. In some cases, according to the report, some Google employees spied on other employees using Google tools.

And this isn’t new, it has been happening for, well as long as Users / Employees have access to your data. In 2010, Google fired engineer David Barksdale for leveraging his position as a member of a technical group to access the accounts of four minors, Gawker reported at the time. Barksdale accessed a 15-year-old boy’s Google Voice call logs, as well as contact lists and chat transcripts and unblocked himself from a teen who had cut communications with him, the report added.

According to “The Ugly Truth: Insider Facebook’s Battle for Domination” Facebook fired 52 people between 2014 and August 2015 for accessing user data for personal reasons. One engineer used his access to Facebook user data to track a woman he was traveling with from their hotel room after they had a fight.

Smart doorbell company Ring said that it has fired employees the past four years for inappropriately accessing customer video footage. Ring said employees have access to live feeds only when customers grant them permission, solely for troubleshooting a device issue. It’s not clear how long each employee was able to view the feeds, or how many customers were impacted.

Other tech companies have experienced similar instances of their employees exploiting user data. Snapchat employees abused their access to data several years ago to spy on people using internal tools.

Be smart and safe, because your Apps are watching you.