Ever wondered how much data is created every day?

– Every day, 310 billion emails are sent
– In 2020, people created 1.7 MB of data every second
– In 2020, users sent around 500,000 Tweets per day
– In 2021, 68% of Instagram users view photos from brands
– By 2022, 70% of the globe’s GDP will have undergone digitization
– By 2025, 200+ zettabytes of data will be in cloud storage around the globe

And people ask me, “How can computer or smartphone forensics help?” Jejeje, really!

Considering that the majority of the world’s data has been generated within the last two years alone, it will be interesting see how much data is created each day in three years. How much will be generated by AI, and how much by humans?

Read full article here. Great statistics, sources for research, and data use by Jacquelyn Bulao.