If you’ll be shopping on Black Friday these are come gadgets that are worth checking out.

This Classic Mac Style Phone Dock That’ll Flash You Back To Elementary School

Grab one of these docks, download the Word Munchers app, and bring your iPhone back to 1989.


This Tiny iDisk That’ll Double Your Phone’s Memory

A flash drive that works with your computer and your iPhone. Use the iDisk to transfer large files from your phone to your computer, or vice versa.




This Underpriced Clip-On Ring Light That’ll Make Your Selfies So Much Better

Seriously, for the price of three iced coffees, you can have a lifetime of quality selfies.


This Tiny Fold-Up Tripod That Supports Your Phone With Style

It’s even got a bottle opener built-in. You won’t find a better tiny tripod.


This Clip-On Lens Kit That Makes Your Phone Take Pro-Quality Photos

With a wide-angle lens for landscapes, and a macro lens for insect portraiture, you’ll be ready to capture pro-quality photos of anything with the Aukey Ora lenses.


This Ultra-Pretty Battery Case That’ll Power Your Phone For Days

If you don’t mind a bit of extra bulk, this affordable and highly-rated battery case is the perfect solution for extending the life of your phone.


This Handy Dongle That’ll Let You Charge Your Phone And Rock Out Simultaneously

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an iPhone 7, but sick of having to choose between charging your phone or listening to music, never fear: the Belkin Audio + Charge dongle is here.


This Handy Carabiner That Packs A Secret Charging Cable


This Awesome Device That Turns Any Headphones Into Bluetooth Headphones

No, your beloved non-bluetooth Bose headphones aren’t outdated. Just plug them into the Avantree adapter, and they’re bluetooth.


This High-End Camera That Cooperates With Your Phone To Take Amazing Photos And Videos

 Use it by itself, or plug the DxO One camera into your phone to unlock all the camera’s capabilities.

This Slide-On Device That Turns Your iPhone Into A 360-Degree VR Camera

With the Insta360, you can take top-quality VR-worthy footage, directly on your iPhone.


This Minimalist iPhone Stand That’ll Charge Your Phone In Style

Keep your iPhone in useful sight with the Twelve South HiRise Stand.


This Soft Leather Case That Turns Your Phone Into A Wallet

Maximize your pocket space and kill two birds with one stone with the Lameeku wallet case.


This Lifeproof Case That’s So Durable It’s Basically Death Proof

If you’re constantly dropping your phone, the Lifeproof case is your best friend. It’s waterproof, shock proof, scratch proof, and surprisingly affordable.




This Smart Plug That Lets You Control Your Outlets With Your Phone

With the Wemo smart plug and a smartphone, you’re one step closer to never having to get out of bed again.


This Handsome Device That Prints Your iPhone Photos Anywhere

With the Prynt, you can finally turn your ultra-modern smartphone into a ’70s style Polaroid.


The Inexpensive Shutter Button That Lets You Take Selfies From Afar

Remote shutters aren’t just for DSLRs anymore.


These Real Glass Screen Protectors That’ll Save Your Phone From Drops


This Super Simple Phone Case That’s The Best Case On The Market

According to The Wirecutter, the Silk Base Grip Case is the best iPhone case for the money. And as a Silk owner myself, I tend to agree.


This Polarized Screen Protector That Provides Both Privacy And Protection

This Tiny Addition To Your Keychain So You’ll Never Lose Your Keys Again

Happy Shopping!