The Transportation Security Administration says smoke pouring from a suitcase caused passengers to face a fright and evacuation order at Boston’s Logan International Airport over the holiday weekend.

The international airport ordered everyone in baggage security to leave after a suitcase began to emit smoke. The blue plastic suitcase started smoking through the seams of the bag, understandably causing panic. Police, firefighters and a bomb squad was called to the airport to check the cause of the problem.

The cause was determined to be a lithium battery in an e-cigarette that ignited.

The passenger, who was heading to Kansas City International Airport, was contacted by authorities and his flight was delayed until the situation was resolved. His name wasn’t released.

Airlines warn passengers not to pack anything with lithium batteries in case of a fire in the hold.

This also includes any smart suitcases with battery packs, which must be removed and placed in hand luggage before travelling.

While no-one was hurt and the rest of the airport was unaffected, the incident took place during one of the busiest travel periods.

As it was around Thanksgiving, one of the most popular US holidays, more than 56,000 people were screened during the season, according to TSA.