Device acquisition methods have progressed a lot over the past few years, especially within screen lock bypass techniques. Oxygen Forensic Detective can now support more advanced methods for the following groups of locked Android devices:

– Samsung Exynos devices
– Huawei Kirin devices
– Huawei Qualcomm devices
– LG Qualcomm devices
– Sony MTK devices
– Other Qualcomm, MTK and Spreadtrum devices

In addition to screen lock methods, we provide several mechanisms to allow investigators to access data from unlocked Android devices:

– Full File System extraction
– APK Downgrade
– ADB backup
– Extraction via OxyAgent utility

Huawei Kirin Method of extraction is now improved as is support for MTK devices with the enabled DAA.

You will also find better support for “Full File System Extraction” for Andriod phones with new technology, GUI, and methods.

Update your Oxygen Forensic Detective SMS and get certified on this amazing tool.

Learn more about OFD update 14.2