Where has your face been? How many cameras have taken your photo today? Do you have to smile for your smartphone or device to get access to said device?

I think probably yes.

Facial recognition algorithms are being employed in many applications, for the good.

We really like the feature in Oxygen Forensic® Detective (OFD). OFD offers the ability for investigators to categorize human faces. This unique features includes detailed face analytics (gender, race, age), matching, and image support for massive volumes of data.

OFD works with ROC. Their Mission states:
To make the world safer and more convenient through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms that can accurately perform facial recognition.

ROC Features include:
– Search large volumes of imagery in seconds using trained facial examiners to discover investigative leads in sensitive crimes.
– Determine a person’s identity by using a mobile app, without needing an internet connection, when the person doesn’t have any identification.
– Enable face recognition on body cams to improve officer safety.
– Sort and cluster large media volumes into the different identities of victims and perpetrators in crimes such as child exploitation and human trafficking.

And now the fun part, did you know that facial recognition software is being used on pigs? And did you also realize that every selfie you take is being used to train some of that software? Somehow, this is connected to the Veery bird and how its migration patterns can predict how severe hurricane seasons are. Puzzled? Then take a look at the first episode of Connected, a docuseries hosted by journalist Latif Nasser.

Facial recognition technology, traditionally both marketed and feared as a way to exponentially enhance surveillance capabilities, may one day become integral for producing pork. Great way to watch and manage the farm.

And there are many more uses. Let us know when you want to learn more about Oxygen Forensic® Detective and taking a certified training course.