The other day driving to work I saw a Mother duck leading her baby ducklings across an 8-lane street here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Crossing this street, AKA “700 East” is a feat for adults Somehow, she navigated the first four lanes, barely. Then a brave young man got out of his car and stopped the remaining four lanes of traffic and tried to help herd the ducklings and mother to safety.

Some drivers were very impatient and honked and yelled. Most drivers were happy and glad to see a simple life victory.

The thing is, Daddy Duck or “the male duck” AKA as “Drake”, he does not stick around and help. Dr. Drake does his thing and leaves… like forever – in most duck families.

Because of “imprinting” the baby ducklings usually bond with their Mother and get a better sense of their identity from Mom.

Ducklings are born with the ability to walk, swim and eat adult food almost as soon as they emerge from the egg.  Following Mom becomes not “a thing”, but the “only thing” to survive.

Most Mother ducks are attentive and stick around. However sometimes fear, uncertainty, and panic situations can cause the Mother to flee, and never return to the baby ducklings.

Why talk about ducks?

Why not? There is a lot of stress out there on the streets today. Some folks need help getting to the other side. Let’s pull together and make sure we know our identity and take joy in simple life victories by helping others, being kind, being brave, and supporting one another.

Peace and joy.