What are you doing about unwanted visitors in your cyber world? Are you finding that SPAM and Malware, Ransomware, and other cyber phishing is just growing and getting out of hand? It is ugly. It isn’t pretty. How are you getting your Digital Protection Programs to work?

Seems that this stuff never goes away. So you will have to learn to deal with it and also have good partners to help support you in your time of need. Stopping the growth is the first step. Finding the cause… we may never know where these crazy pest come from and/or how!

We are grateful to work with LIFARS Your Cyber Resiliency Partner. LIFARS is the global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Ransomware Mitigation and Cyber Resiliency Services. Their Cyber experience spans decades working on high profile events often in coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.

Join us and learn more. Webinar: Workforce Diaspora – Adapting to Secure the Remote Workforce – https://lifars.com/

See you soon and see how the weeds go away.