Did you know you are being followed everywhere you go?

Cell Phone providers constantly ping your phone and smart devices to see where you are.

They hope they can reach you, their customers based on where you are or have been to direct you to new purchases.

Some say where people go is an indicator of intent to buy something.

If you don’t pay attention to your device settings, you may be agreeing to allow businesses to collect and then sell your data locations.

Some will use Proximity Targeting. Usually a small radius of a few blocks or miles.

Others target customers who have visited competitor locations to provide new offers suggesting that you switch.

And then there is the artful watch of groups. What groups are shopping together? Drinking coffee, eating food, or just hanging out at the park?

Thanks to “free” Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – you are being watched where-ever you go.

Maybe you did give the permission to track you… and then maybe you didn’t.

Looks like Starbucks found me.

Who will find you?

Good luck!