In the ever-changing world of digital and mobile device forensics we are still seeing new technologies and tools being introduced around the world.

There will be several new tools announced in the coming months. Perhaps at currently scheduled events… or maybe just a virtual summit to engage and enthuse digital forensic teams and end-users.

Since our founding over 14-years ago, the H-11 slogan has been “Digital Forensics solutions from one Source”.

Today the makers of tools use marketing methods whereby manufacturers are using similar by-lines, catchphrases, and mottoes. In some marketing efforts it seems like one group is using another group’s name to market differing tools.

What does it all mean? It means there will be some very useful tools for your team to consider.

Look for new solutions in the coming months.

Look for new announcements of partnerships.

It will be fun to see how digital forensic teams will be empowered to modernize their skills and update their tools. Hopes of success and triumph for all!

Stay tuned the next few months and see where the market is headed.